Theresa Shelton


Name: Theresa Shelton
Position: Director of Corporate Operations
First Nation: Little Red River Cree Nation
How long have you been in your position? 4 years
Are there any other boards or Committees that you sit on?  
What do you hope to get out of participating on the LEDAC board? I strive to ensure that my participation on the LEDAC Board contributes to achieving the Purpose of the committee which is to work collaboratively and provide strategic advice, input and recommendations to INAC regarding its lands, environment and economic development programs with the intention of positively influencing changes to government policies and programs that respond effectively to the current and evolving needs and opportunities of Indigenous communities. 

The information we receive as committee members is invaluable and the ability to extend it to other First Nations by first hand account, through the Annual Links to Learning Symposium and by way of the LEDAC website is inspiring for me. Another particularly enjoyable element of working with such a diverse and experienced group of professionals is the remarkable networking opportunities and the correlation it offers with other First Nations.